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Home Theaters

 With a home theater the movie never starts without you. Whether you are looking for a multi-function media room with a motorized screen that disappears when not in use or a full blown theater with sound treatment and theater seating, we are the company for you.   

Control Systems

With the push of a button you can dim your lights, close your shades, turn on your TV, and start watching a movie all from your couch. With our easy to use control systems, the only thing you have to worry about is what is on television.


 Never worry about your house when you are away. With a state of the art camera DVR you can be emailed when someone is on your property and then check your cameras from your phone.
Never wonder if that package has been delivered; just check your phone. It is that simple.

Lighting Systems

 Go green. With a lighting system you can easily save 10% or more  off your energy bill. Time to go to bed? Turn off all your lights with a push of a button. Have to use the restroom late at night? With a push of another button, a light will guide just your path to the restroom.                            Hear a strange noise in the middle of the night? You can                              light up your entire yard to scare away possible                                          intruders. 

Phone Systems
 With a Panasonic phone system you can page a room, answer your front gate and open it for guest, speak to a family member across the house and much more.




 Invisible Speakers

 Speakers are to be heard not seen. With invisible speakers you do not have to sacrifice your beautiful home's decor to have great sound. Invisible speakers are hidden behind your drywall, so you can place them anywhere. 


Future Proof Your Pre-wires

 With a future-proof pre-wire you will never be left in the past. Let us future-proof your home with fiber optics, C-5, or better yet, run conduit to each key location. This will enable you to keep up with whatever lies ahead in the future.


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